3-2-1 Ribs - Traeger Smoking

No better tasting ribs than these. It just takes 3 easy steps and you're in business.

Cast Iron Pizza

Cooking a pizza in a cast iron pan is so simple that only I can screw it up.

Cheddar's New Orleans Cajun Pasta - Ripoff Recipe

The perfect blend of ingredients brings this dish to life. A pasta dish with a little flavor kick.

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healthy Snacks For Work & On The Go

Take care of your hunger with some of the great healthy snacks.

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How to make Mayonnaise

Recipe credit: Alton Brown Video is double batch. Recipe below is single batch.

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Now that I have CookingWithJack.com I needed to shop around for a web hosting company. I researched for about a week. I finally decided to go with a web hosting company called ARVIXE because they landed on CNET’s top 10 WordPress hosting sites and they were only $4 a month. My mom was right. You […]

Why did I make an app? I made an app for all the people who accidently get unsubscribed from my channel every time YouTube does a site update. Also, for people who aren’t getting my Facebook post that there is a new video posted, due to Facebook not serving all my friends who like the […]

If you don’t know by now what GMOs are, here is the definition from GMOAnswers.com: WHAT ARE GMOs? Biotechnology in plant agriculture has come to mean the process of intentionally making a copy of a gene for a desired trait from one plant or organism and using it in another plant. The result is a […]

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