My Hostgator Nightmare

Now that I have I needed to shop around for a web hosting company. I researched for about a week.

I finally decided to go with a web hosting company called ARVIXE because they landed on CNET’s top 10 WordPress hosting sites and they were only $4 a month.

My mom was right. You get what you pay for. My site was never up and when it was, it was rarely reachable. It took over a minute to load the homepage. I spoke to tech support 20 times about this and they kept saying we are migrating to bigger servers, just be patient.

After a month of frustration, I ask ARVIXE to immediately move me to another server. They did this pretty quick. I 125321-basic-cmyk-previewknew it happened pretty quick because I could never get my site to come up at all, now. The new server was always failing. I called again and again and was totally going crazy over this issue of me paying them and getting no hosting service. I finally did some research and tons of people complaining in the community about the same thing. That’s it, I’m out of here. 1 month of horrible service and now it’s time to move on.

So I decide to pay a little more for a web hosting service that works. I trust a good recommendation. So I trusted  Philly D from YouTube who always promotes HOSTGATOR. So I asked around and Philly D was right. Everyone said HOSTGATOR was the one to go with. So I signed up. The great news is that HOSTGATOR does 1 free migration per account. On August 16th I requested migration. I can not work on my site or add recipe/videos until the migration is over for fear my changes won’t be included when they migrate. So I want. Their email said it could take up to 72 hours or longer.

72 hours:
me: Hey, can you tell me when my site will be migrated. I can’t work on it until you move it.images
HG: sorry sir. We said 72 hours or longer.
me: got it. Can you tell me how many accounts are ahead of me or a rough time frame on when to expect it to happen.
HG: sorry sir. we can’t

5 days:
me: You’ve got to be kidding. I can’t use my site until you guys move it. When is it going to happen. It’s been 5 days!
HG: Sir, you need to wait until we get to it. We are very busy.
me: So am I. I’m trying to run a company! You should change the notice to say 72 hours or NEVER.

6 days:
me: Okay. Now it’s been 72 hours TWICE!!! How can you guys not handle moving a site that has 100 recipes on it. It’s a copy and paste and then export database. I tried but it didn’t work. When will you guys do what you promised?
HG: We can’t tell you how long it will be. We will get to it in the order it arrived. First come first served. We are very busy and will get to it as fast as we can.
me: oh, okay. Then that makes me feel better. Now my company is running much better now that you said that.

8 days:
me: are  you guys even working in that building. SERIOUSLY!!!! I could have had a baby, raised him and sent him topulling hair out cartoon computer college and he could have done this already. 8 days!!!
HG: Sir, good news. They had an issue with your FTP site but are now migrating your site.
me: finally!!! Thank you.

9 days:
me: You guys are the biggest LIARS I have ever spoken to. Not one file has shown up in the FTP folder. You didn’t do a darn thing. If it isn’t up by tomorrow I’m done.
HG: Sir, we can escalate your issue if you’d like.
me: Escalating my issue doesn’t fix this issue. Sure escalate it to the top floor. Maybe by a stroke of genius I might get my site onto HOSTGATOR.

10 days: (waiting on hold with billing for 32 minutes)
me: Hi, I waited on hold for over 30 minutes to speak to you and tell you that I want my account closed. It was worth 30 minutes just so I could say that you guys are the most incompetent company I have worked for. You make a bad hosting service look like 5 stars. I can’t wait to see the email that says I have been closed and 100% fully refunded for the services that I never received. I might even print it out and hang it on my Christmas tree this year. Maybe I’ll wear it as a bib and order a lobster dinner to celebrate.
HG: I am sorry sir you have had a bad experience. Would you like me to escalate this for you?
me: NO! Close my account please and send me an email confirming full refund.
HG: yes sir.
me: OMG, you’re the first person in your company to have done her job right. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

After all that, my buddy tells me why ARVIXE was having a rough time with my site. The whole company was bought and they are moving all their sites to bigger and better servers. Ironically, during the 10 days of hell with HOSTGATOR my ARVIXE site ran beautifully. So I have decided to stay with them.

I asked my buddy who just bought ARVIXE. He said HOSTGATOR!

UPDATE 9/1/15: I just got an email from HostGator telling me that they are now migrating me to HG and yet my login information isn’t working for them. That’s right. 18 days later, they are trying to do their job. The funny thing is, they didn’t even know I closed my account. That shouldn’t happen.

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August 28, 2015 @ 11:07 am


I am generally a fan, but I think you have become quite unethical in your approach to “your” recipes. Your latest recipe on youtube is a pesto pasta dish. Did you create the recipe? We both know you did not and yet you don’t credit the source. It is a Rachael Ray recipe. This same thing happens over and over again. It has become a larger issue now that you have a website filled with recipes created by other people and they are not getting the credit they deserve. Making money on recipes without citing the source seems wrong to me.

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