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When I started 7 years doing videos on cooking, people have asked me to accumulate all my videos/recipes that I do on the show into a cookbook.

Then as time went on the insisted on my doing a recipe app for the mobile phone and tablets. I didn’t want to do an app because that would cost me money and my viewers would then have to pay for the app. That wasn’t cool. They already watch the show which generates me money. I want to give back and show my appreciation.

I wanted a site where you could search for any recipe I did with the video right there to watch. I wanted you to be able to comment under the video to suggest better changes to the recipe. I also wanted the site to have a blog where I could post info on food recalls and just discuss my findings in the food world. I also wanted guest bloggers who have something to add to the food community.

Then came a template that had all that so I bought it and started to build the site myself. Not like I have a lot of time, but this will be permanent and worth it.

responsive-web-designThere is a mobile version, tablet version and desktop. So many of my video recipes are lost in the archives of YouTube. Now they are at your fingertips; all the lazy man videos, product reviews and football finger foods. Yes!!!

So I have launched with 100 recipes/videos from the newest first. I am working my way back to the very first recipe/video from 7 years ago.

freeI also wanted it to be free. God has blessed me with such great people that watch my show and I want to show my appreciation. It will take months to finish it, but it will be worth it. Feel free to register on the home page for the site and feel free to submit a recipe to me for the show.

Thanks you guys for your friendship and your support. I hope you like it.

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