Fast Food French Fries – PLAYING WITH YOUR FOOD

We examine the amount of fries you get at your major fast food restaurants.

Omega 8006 Juicer – PRODUCT REVIEW

We believe we have found the best juicer on the market for the money.

3-2-1 Ribs – Traeger Smoking

No better tasting ribs than these. It just takes 3 easy steps and you’re in business.

Frozen Pizza part 2 – PLAYING WITH YOUR FOOD

by popular demand, we do four more top frozen pizzas to see who’s the best.

Frozen Pizza part 1 – PLAYING WITH YOUR FOOD

we review 4 of the top frozen pizzas to find out who’s the best.

Beer Can Chicken – TRAEGER SMOKING

We use the Porcelain Chicken Throne.

How To Oil Treat Your Cutting Board

it’s easy to do and everyone should know how.

Japanese Treats – FOOD & DRINK REVIEWS

Jack and Jack jr try a bunch of Japanese treats they got from Disneyworld

Presto Power Pop – AS SEEN ON TV

pops in the microwave with or without oil.

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